How to measure for a lampshade


Lampshade dimensions are typically measured as top x bottom x side.
  • Top denotes the diameter (or width) of the top of the lampshade. 
  • Bottom denotes the diameter (or width) of the bottom of the lampshade. 
  • The side is the length of the side of the lampshade.                                   
Our lampshades came with a standard Australian B22 fitting that have a 29mm internal diameter washer and are recessed 6.3cm up into the shade. This means that the bottom of the shade will sit 6.3cm down from where the lampshade is attached to your lamp.
If you have a wide European E27 fitting which has a 40mm internal diameter washer or a finial/harp fitting with a 10mm washer at the top of the shade, we can custom make a lampshade to suit your fitting.
Smaller shades that are used on chandeliers or wall lights come standard with a clip in candle fitting which fits directly onto a candle shaped globe.